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Physical Therapy

In Home Physical Therapy for Salt Lake City Area Patients

Without mobility, there is no independence. Additionally, impaired mobility in the elderly can lead to life-threatening falls. Physical therapists can help seniors with health problems that cause mobility to become limited or non-existent. A Physical Therapist in Salt Lake City is more likely to treat the patient in his or her home, in a nursing home or in an assisted living facility. A host of medical conditions respond successfully to physical therapy treatments. The following are examples of conditions treated by physical therapy: – Strokes – Arthritis – Parkinson’s Disease – Diabetes – Cerebral Palsy – Joint pains – Alzheimer’s Disease – Vertigo – Multiple Sclerosis

Types of Physical Therapy:

Electrical Stimulation: This physical therapy is used extensively for pain relief, but may also be used for tissue regeneration, paralysis and circulatory problems. Therapeutic Ultrasound: This physical therapy is used to treat conditions such as tendonitis, scar tissue build-up, contractures and a number of other soft tissue health concerns. Cervical Traction: This is used to treat the most commonly-seen health issues in seniors: Cervical problems. These include spondylosis, DJD, stenosis and oteophytes. Cervical traction in non-invasive and entails hands-on manipulation of the cervical spine. Mechanical traction is used for more complex conditions. Thermal Modalities: This utilizes paraffin baths and hot/cold packs to either decrease inflammation or to increase circulation. The therapy is simple, but the healing powers are immense. Physical therapy is extremely beneficial to seniors and other adults with disabilities. Regular physical treatments and services can help them to regain their mobility or to remain mobile. This enhances their independence, comfort and productivity. Additional benefits include pain relief and restoration of many physical functions. Heartwood Home Health & Hospice gladly provides physical therapy in the Salt Lake City area as an added service to our patients.